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Lucky Selectism Vintage Auction Collection presents a one-of-a-kind eyewear piece from the early 18th century representative of the Retro-Futuristic era. 

The world's First Industrial Revolution brought vast transformation worldwide in various ways. Among those, especially for the European regions.  

It was the time for significant change and reformation in society; advances in science, literature, and arts began to change the hierarchical and conservative society to become wiser and have flexible access to any forms of creative arts. The Steampunk aesthetic is inspired by the era in which apparel and accessories were presented with modernized-mechanical elements or gears. 

The introduction of eye protection (eyewear) in public proliferated and protected one's eyes in science labs or kept the wind from drying out eyes at a work field. Eyewear became a bit more accessible to the public than before, but it still was more used among scientists or scholars. 

As for an iconic example, the great English Gothic novel Frankenstein (1823) by Mary Shelley has appeared during this time of the era as a Modern Prometheus. From this historical novel, a mad scientist character, Victor Frankenstein, has gone mad while creating the monster and quickly frightens the readers. 

Following up as the most historical gothic novel in the world, Frankenstein's (1823) portrayal of a mad scientist character, Dr. Frederick Franekenstein, later appeared in a film, Young Frankenstein (1974) Dir. Mel Brooks and the character screams the symbolic line, "It's alive! It's alive!" in the film wearing Steampunk style goggles in his science lab after his creation of a monster. 

The steampunk style goggles with anti-fog sides and exceedingly durable & flexible temple has become one of the most significant and cliche looks depicting the historical scientist's homage and has later become an inspiration for the modern eyewear fashion.