Antic Q. is a second brand of Lucky Selectism that was launched in 2012. 

A wide collection of Antic Q. eyewear presents a variety of styles for all gender, age, and personalities. Antic Q. first began its eyewear business in New York City’s local street markets and developed in time to become an independent brand to hold more than 300 different optical styles.

Coming from an experience of facing diverse locals in New York City, Antic Q. eyewear line was able to adapt a variety of unique qualities of each individual.

Antic Q.’s apparel line designer, Carolyn Han launched Antic Q.’s first apparel line in 2012 from an inspiration of 1Common Category Shop Employees’ signature denim overall uniforms and casual Avant-Garde style outfits. Antic Q. apparel line holds all gender clothes, hats, and scarves in addition to the eyewear line. 




As a brand that values history and heritage, 1COMMON respects every brand’s story. Providing opportunities for brands to fully present their brand identity along with promoting products to customers and developing relationships within brands during the event was what made 1Common meaningful and unique. 

1COMMON has been collaborating with over 100+ diverse brands that offer a wide variety1 of products from contemporary clothing, accessories, jewelry, home goods, cosmetics Et cetera.  

Along with the locational benefits of substantial customer traffic of Chelsea Market and the Garden State Plaza Mall, our experienced team aims to support all of the collaborating brands to meet their goals throughout the event. For each brand, we offer an entire booth elaborating on their own brand story, concept, and building their brand image.



React NYC was born in the midst of a pandemic. As we walk in the year of 2021,
we know things are still changing and some things may never be the same.
However, React NYC will be constantly reacting, adapting and changing to our new norms.  

So let’s do our part together: Wear masks, Social distance and Act with love.



As an extended branch of the company 1Common, with over ten years of fashion retail business experience in New York City, O.C.M.L. was founded to provide brands and companies with resources to expand their media goals through photography, videography, as well as website and social media development.