LOT - 214

Lucky Selectism brings back the 1990's, "Grunge-Pop Culture." 

LS Vintage Auction collection introduces Nirvana; Smells Like Teen Spirit, a vintage piece inspired by an iconic American singer-songwriter, Kurt Cobain. 

The 1990’s was the time for Generation X, who was freely expressing their determined views on politics, arts, and culture. Fashion and arts were among the top categories that Generation X focused on due to facing easier access to the media than before in history. 

TV shows, films, and music became more comfortable to access than ever before. The people, especially the younger generation, quickly adapted to this new fast-paced social lifestyle in the 1990s. This is when the Pop-Culture significantly took a prominent part and influenced young people in many different ways.

Influenced by Seattle rock musicians and bands, the "grunge" style took over the 90's fashion trend. Wildly designed jean jackets, leather pants, crop tops, and dark but vivid colors took over the fashion world in the 1990’s. 

The great example for this style comes from an iconic 90's rock band, Nirvana, and its vocalist, Kurt Cobain. Cobain's signature style comes from his bold and oval Sunwear. His casual and grunge look influenced his fans and many young people, and the audience quickly followed the fashion trend. 

 Inspired by Cobain's signature eyewear piece, Lucky Selectism's Nirvana; Smells Like Teen Spirit is a white over irregular black checkered pattern design on an oval-shaped frame. The emerald green lens highlights the bold look and minor scratches on each temple signify as a vintage piece.