LOT - 215

Lucky Selectism presents Retro-Futuristic Sunwear inspired by the classic trilogy Sci-fi/Comedy film, Back to the Future series.

The 1980's Pop-Culture was surrounded and influenced by the public media such as films, TV Shows, and music. It became a standard for most American households to own cable television. Due to this fast-growing advanced technology, the public showed their interest and fascination about the near future and its culture.

The fashion in the 1980s represents the Future's fascination by featuring highly innovative and yet, peculiar fashion items.

The teenage culture in the 1980s is iconic for extreme fashions such as big hair, rock and rap music, or the preppies. Dir. Robert Zemeckis's classic film, Back to the Future, represents the teenage culture in the 1980s with a fictional character, Marty McFly. Marty is a teenage boy who is close friends with a scientist/inventor, Dr. Emmett Brown (or Doc.), who eventually creates a mysterious sports car to time travel to the Future.

Back to the Future I (1985) represents "The Future" with people wearing high-tech and retro-futuristic designed eyewear featuring side shields, flipped up frames with bright /mirrored lenses. Almost nothing in this film's representation of the Future is ordinary or mediocre. At least one fashion item or its bold color needs to pop out and scream, "This is the 80's!"

Lucky Selectism's 1980's vintage piece, Flying Back to Doc, features an emerald green & half flip-on lens on metal aviator frame and side shields. Once flip-on’s are flipped, the aviator frame becomes an optical frame. Few scratches on the sides of each clear lens and side shields reflect as a classic vintage item.